CAD Embroidery

We have two methods of embroidery, the most widely used being CAD embroidery which uses state of the art machines. The vertical repeats are set to specific sizes but we have the ability to embroider up to 135cm wide (full width). We can CAD embroider panels for cushions as well as fabric. Our design team work closely with our CAD technicians to come up with layouts and density of stitches to meet our clients specifications.

We also embroider using hand guided sewing machines. These are operated by highly skilled embroiderers and can mix a multitude of stitches such as satin, chain stitch, knots, boucle and rice stitches. There are no restrictions on repeat sizes and it is possible to combine the embroidery with other mixed media such as applique and printing.

CAD Embroidery
Hand Guided Embroidery